Accommodating religion in the workplace

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The policy should specify grievance procedures by which employees can bring claims of harassment to management's attention.

These procedures should provide employees with opportunities to bypass their supervisor if the supervisor is the one being accused.

Allows the president to temporarily stop strikes that imperil the national interest.

Establishes general safety standards and standards for specific industries.

For many years, most discrimination claims filed under Title VII were race discrimination cases.

However, with the advent of sexual harassment law-suits in the late 1970s and 1980s, sex discrimination cases became quite common, as well.

Lays out rules for federal workplace inspections and penalties for violations of the act.Exhibit 1 provides a summary of some of the more important federal employment laws.The exhibit is divided into four sections: anti-discrimination law, compensation law, health and safety law, and labor relations law.If the EEOC's investigation does not reveal a strong case of discrimination, the agency can still issue a "right-to-sue" letter to a plaintiff, which gives that person the right to bring their charges of discrimination against an employer to state or federal court, whichever is appropriate in a given case.Some claims of discrimination filed with the EEOC do not have merit and the EEOC often issues findings to that effect—but such findings still do not prevent the individual plaintiff from filing his or her own lawsuit against an employer.

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