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“What you get to see in those five minutes depends on how long we have to spend answering your questions, but once the clock reaches zero we’re going private and access will cost you a hundred tokens each.

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All I know is that I want them to fuck her as hard as they can, and I want to watch them doing it. ”Joker_boy Lover: wow ur stunning Mr Real Jonny: make him cum babeboogie Bond: show us pussy bb! Lee helps her to her feet, Vanessa stroking his hard cock whilst they kiss again.Oblivious to my disbelief, Will settles into his own position on the couch at the opposite end to Lee.Will is also topless – thanks to African heritage he’s slightly stockier than his friend, with more muscle around his chest and a tribal tattoo that runs diagonally from his ribcage across to his right shoulder, down to his bicep.Will is on his knees behind her, snuggling in close as he kisses her neck and shoulders, one of his hands pulling and squeezing Vanessa’s left nipple in the way I know she likes, the other hand back inside her panties, fingers working away between her legs.Lee stands in front of her, and I watch Vanessa reach upwards with her mouth to meet the end of his erect penis, licking and kissing the shaft gently before taking half the length into her mouth to suck his cock, cheeks bulging like a porn-star as her head bobs up and down taking him deeper and deeper each time.

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