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Susanne Shultz argues that the only thing holding dolphins back from creating a civilisation much like our own is that they don’t have fingers and thumbs.‘Unfortunately, they won’t ever mimic our great metropolises and technologies because they didn’t evolve opposable thumbs,’ she says.‘But I would argue that they have the cognitive ability to make tools and possibly more.

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But at least this means they have been spared our own domination by the mobile phone.The two were said to have met at a bar which lead to them spending 6 hours together at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, where they reportedly had unprotected intercourse 5 times even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful. Netizens sniffed around the internet and potentially identified the girl by the watch pictured in photograph above via Instagram.It seems she is indeed 17-years-old as reported, but is not a high school student and is a single mother. This is just one of the many fascinating questions raised by a group of scientists from Manchester University.The scientists have noticed that dolphins employ individual ‘signature whistles’ with which to greet each other.‘A specific call is used as a greeting every time an individual arrives,’ says Dr Susanne Shultz, a leading evolutionary biologist.

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