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However, David D is married now and even has a young daughter.Having gone through the experience of being in love himself, he's come to accept love as an absolute truth and realizes it as the most powerful force in the universe.A couple of the presentations from the guest speakers are a bit abstract and hard to follow.This is a more advanced program best suited for guys who are already in a long term relationship, or considering getting into one.Eben is the main presenter throughout the seminar, but his wife Annie Lalla also features heavily.She has a lot of experience in self-development work and as a relationship coach, and is referred to as the 'cartographer of love' on her site.And as he goes on to say, he's as surprised as anybody that he's arrived at this conclusion.That's because for many years now he's been learning about women and dating and helping men understand what it takes to create sexual attraction in women.

He also points out how the women who you might think are the ones you want probably won't be the ideal ones for you.

So he wanted to do this program to come full circle and close the book on this journey of women, dating and relationships.

It's really the endpoint from where he started so many years ago with his first book, Double Your Dating.

Gives you tools to help master yourself so you'll be able to connect and communicate with your partner (and people in general) more effectively.

Not as practical about how to get into a serious relationship with a woman, or about selecting the right person for you.

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