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Who’s going to help them with homework, advance in sports, buy their musical instruments, throw them a birthday party…or have enough energy to just read to them at the end of the day? Friends, family, and ward members seemed to go into hiding the moment I found myself in unchartered territory.

Not only did I feel deserted, I was suddenly the target of great ridicule and judgment from those who I considered to be my comrades, and should have been my emotional support.

Creating a Survey So I did what any other lonely “cast–away” would do, thus the creation of my “LDS Divorce Survivors” Facebook Support Group.I hadn’t seen it personally, therefore, I assumed, they must be mistaken. Down to the 90-year-old Home Teacher, the nursery calling, and becoming the sudden object of gossip. The Nursery for tiny tots, Primary for children, Young Men’s and Women’s, Relief Society, Priesthood.It seemed so strange to me that a group of people who are taught every week to emulate Christ would believe that being cruel to members going through the trial of divorce was acceptable behavior. Where was that place for those going through the destruction of their family, lost dreams, and financial chaos?Many times this conviction was tested as conflicts arose with other members, but never like during and after my divorce. This couldn’t possibly be normal Mormon-culture-protocol for such a devastating trial.Looking back throughout my married life, I realized, ironically enough, I had almost always been given divorced sisters to Visit Teach.

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