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In our Her Campus Survival Kits, we received the cucumber and strawberry flavors which paired beautifully with a number of alcoholic beverages.

[Verse 1: Solo] Now they're sayin' my behaviour was obscene And that they've got witnesses who claim they can put me at the scene But it couldn't be (not me) I'm a model citizen Till I had a sip of that bottle and let the toxins in again Head spinning, fools logic hijacked the cockpit On a kamikaze mission to the bitter end We pair up for the evening, partners for speed dating Do our best to keep the conversation stimulating Entertaining with a little bit of social lubrication You don't want to keep the people waiting She said "remind me again why we always come to these places Just to line up at the bar and wait for ages" Funny how the bottom of a glass make us part with our wages We all on a mission to getting wasted so I'm shaking hands Throwing glances, making advances But truth be told I don't like my chances Cause the alcohol got me going out of control My mind, body and soul it might swallow me whole The mind boggles at this case of mistaken identity Holding hands with Paris and then hooking up with Emily Looking in the mirror, see my own worst enemy Can't work out if its who I am or who I pretend to be Yeah that's me, a real role model for the kids On the weekend catch me with a whole bottle and a spliff In the city maybe hoping that some pretty young thing Will take pity on me make me her king For the night but tomorrow I'll be gone and I won't leave no prints Cover my tracks like I cover my skin Said tomorrow I'll be gone She gonna tell me I was like a different guy Till the potion turned Doctor Jekyll into Mister Hyde [Pre-Hook: Solo, Kai & Nick Lupi] And it goes around and around and around it goes Spin the bottle, where it stops well nobody knows It goes around and around and around it goes Spin the bottle, spin the bottle, the bottle, bottle [Hook: Solo, Kai & Nick Lupe] So is this what you want, you really want?

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We wanted to know what it was like to play these slumber party standbys — so we culled 24 anecdotes from R29 staffers, readers, and anonymous Reddit users to get a better idea.

While we did find a few stories involving cool kids and crushes, we also came across some childish name-calling, a few encouraging parents, and one kid who had to kiss a dog.

After that, both girls ended up crying because they did it and [they were] scared everyone at the party was going to tell everyone else in our grade."—Reddit user Grilled Cheeesus"I played one time in middle school. They both said I was an excellent kisser, so there's that."—Laure, 28"I was at my friend's 13th birthday, which was my first 'boy/girl' party. I had a crush on my friend, Kevin, and I was hoping against hope that my spin would land on him. We weren't the closest of friends, and I didn't really know any of her friends. "Afterwards, I remember making my Myspace name/status 'Gotta get some mouthwash cause I'm making out with boys tonight.' OMG I actually suck for doing that lol."—Serena, 22"When I was 17, I had a close group of friends I made within the theater department.

Our rules were: kiss, and if you take too long, then you have to use tongue. The night started out pretty tame, with everyone gathering around the computer to watch gay porn. And then, the birthday girl insisted we play spin the bottle, even though this was an all-girl party. I ended the night without once kissing an actual human being. (Duh, truth is soo boring.) She dared me to make out with Jesse (who was my crush for all of middle school..ironically was my prom date years later). Seven of us were hanging out at my house, watching a movie, and we heard my mom moving around in the kitchen.

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