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As we saw in the first tutorial, doing so will add a new Table Adapter to the Typed Data Set, automatically launching the Table Adapter Configuration Wizard.

In the first screen, we're prompted to specify the database to connect to - connect to the same Northwind database using the .

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For a web application that allows multiple users to edit data, there is the risk that two users may be editing the same data at the same time.Rather than extend our existing DAL's Table Adapters to use optimistic concurrency (which would necessitate changing the BLL to accommodate), let's instead create a new Typed Data Set named Business Logic Layer class that has the appropriate modifications to support the optimistic concurrency DAL.Once this groundwork has been laid, we'll be ready to create the ASP. To create a new Typed Data Set, right-click on the .A few seconds after Jisun's changes have been committed, Sam updates the category to Condiments and clicks Update.This results in an to the corresponding Beverages category ID, and so on.

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