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Presenting captivating works by the likes of Monet, Tissot and Pissarro, the exhibition will show how the artists' London experiences and friendships influenced not only their own work but also the British art scene.

More than just a food festival, Wahaca's Day of the Dead presents a multisensory exploration of Mexico with live music, DJs, contemporary and street art, Mexican performances, tequila, and mezcal.

It will also consider the neurological and psychological triggers as well as the mystical and sociological aspects of belief, showcasing everyday objects relating to world faiths alongside remarkable historical pieces such as an 18th century replica of a Hindu ceremonial chariot.

With extra lanes added to cope with demand, Sliders, the bowling-on-ice that proved so popular here at Roof East last winter, returns.

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Street food favourites Rockadollar Dogs serve up festive frankfurters and Peruvian barbeque specialists, Cachina, give the traditional hog roast a Latino twist.The show is about the competitive nature of semi-professional football, looking at different generations of football fans.Stephen Tompkinson and John Bowler reprise their roles as the wheeler dealer manager and locker room staff legend.The exhibition comes as part of a collaborative project between the British Museum, Penguin Books and the BBC, building on a Radio 4 series presented by the former director of the British Museum, Neil Mac Gregor, who believes that Britain is trying to become the first society in history to function without a religious belief at its core.The exhibition, meanwhile, will look at the benefits and risks of the expression of these beliefs in terms of co-existence and conflict in societies such as 17th-18th century Japan, China and the Soviet Union.

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